Annette Boden MSc

The Six -weekly gathering

Disley Quaker Meeting House, Disley

This post-course programme is offered to all participants who have completed the official MSC programme or the 4-week adapted version with me. It is optional and you can attend any/ or all as you wish/are able.

The venue is The Quaker meeting House in Disley

Time: Saturday Mornings from 10.30-1.00pm.

Cost :  This is remaining the same as previous years at £20.00

The programme will consist of a guided meditation session, a deeper exploration and discussion based on a particular topic from the programme (these will be detailed in advance of the day and participants are invited to put forward suggestions for topics they would like to cover), group discussion/sharing, and a refreshment break. Refreshments are included.

This is a great opportunity to keep in touch with friends from the course who you have shared deeply with and to maintain your MSC practice. Explore /gain a deeper understanding of particular topics/areas of interest.

NB: From 2018 I am offering ‘open gatherings’ for anyone who has completed an MSC course or intensive. Please get in touch for an information form to complete and for details of the 2018 dates to be mailed to you.

‘Six weekly gathering’2020 dates: NB These dates are provisional until confirmed booking with the Quaker House.

February 1 -is confirmed 10.30-1pm
March 14 -10.30-1pm
April 18 -10.30-1pm
May 30 -10.30-1pm
11 July -10.30-1pm
22 August -10.30-1pm
3 October -10.30-1pm
14 November -10.30-1pm
12 December 10.30-3pm – extended (no extra cost) -please bring vegan or vegetarian food to share

‘Six weekly gathering’2019 dates:

12 January, 16 February, 30 March, 18 May, 13 July, 24 August, 5 October,

NB: From 16 November gathering all gatherings will start at 10.30am and finish at 1.00pm

16 November, 7 December 10.30-3 extended with shared lunch for festive season and end of year gathering.

Venue: Disley Quaker meeting House

When: Saturday mornings 10.00am -12.30pm

Cost £20.00 per gathering, including extended December date.

To book a place, email me or give me a call  on 07753 957371 in advance of the day.