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An introduction to mindful self-compassion July 24 2019

Published 20 June 2019

An introductory workshop where you will learn about tips and practices that help and establish positive and healthy habits of self-care that act as an antidote to self criticism, anxiety,and stress, and above all, a powerful training in emotional resilience and well-being.


Eating well – a mindful self-compassionate approach to making healthy choices

Published 20 May 2019

An enjoyable and informative experiential summer evening workshop


Relaxation classes coming to Knutsford!

Published 20 May 2019

I am thrilled to be now offering my relaxation class in knutsford.

A weekly session of deep relaxation with mindfulness, self-compassion, and guided visualisation.


A tranquil space

“A day of peace” – a silent day retreat

Published 7 November 2018

October 19 2019 A day of Peace Mindful self-compassion – silent retreat

A calming day of mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, and self-compassion: Achieving Quiet calm and emotional resilience in a busy world.


Disley Quaker Meeting House, Disley

Mindful self compassion retreat: Saturday 24 March 2018

Published 1 March 2018

A mindful self compassion day of silent retreat and reflection

Saturday 24 March 2018 at Disley Quaker meeting House 2018

Disley Quaker meeting House