Annette Boden MSc

Corporate well-being

Corporate well-being 2017

Much research evidence is coming forward from the scientific community in support of a mindfulness based well-being approach to corporate working practices- making for a happier and healthier workforce.

As a UKCP and CNHC registered psychotherapist and wellbeing practitioner of over 19 years I can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to support your staff, either on an ad hoc basis or on a more formal basis to offer an in-house regular pastoral service to support staff in all aspects of their emotional well-being either through group training or individual counselling /psychotherapy sessions on site. I specialise in stress and anxiety management.

I am also a trained Mindful self-compassion teacher and believe firmly that mindfulness has an important role to play in the wellbeing and positive functioning of a healthy workforce.

Here are just a few quick references that have made media headlines recently:

Mindfulness helps you become a better leader

A relaxed mind is a productive mind

5 scientifically proven ways to be happier at work

As a trained mindful self-compassion teacher I now offer short courses and programmes to support employees in the corporate community and have recently facilitated  a course for the NHS  teaching techniques that promote health and wellbeing through self-compassion.

I  offer full or half day workshops to your organisation at £30 and £60 per person respectively

Workshop and course topics include what I believe and research shows to be important elements in producing a happy and productive workforce:

  • Stress management
  • Self -care core skills (incorporating mindfulness and self-compassion) helping people to form healthy habits and strategies for eating well, exercising, sleeping well, and getting the work-life balance right.
  • Compassionate and effective communication – working as a team, valuing ourselves and the work we do so we can ‘own our contribution’, acknowledging our own and each -others achievements, recognising and respecting individual differences, and reframing mistakes as growth opportunities as we learn to challenge our inner critic and begin to listen to the more helpful, constructive, and compassionate voice within us.

The wealth of empirical research already undertaken over the last ten years suggests and supports the view that applying compassion and self-compassion is associated with an increase in mental well-being and reduces the effects of anxiety and depression. Key components supporting self-compassion are mindfulness and meditation. Kristin Neff suggested that “ self-compassion is an important human strength as it evokes qualities of kindness , equanimity, and feelings of inter-connectedness, helping individuals to find hope and meaning when faced with the difficulties of life” (Neff et al. 2007)

Work is a big part of our lives for most of us so it is important that we enjoy it or can take care of ourselves to make our working life easier and more satisfying. In the workplace we are confronted with many different personalities and dynamics as well as workloads that can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain in our communications.
As a trained mindful self-compassion teacher and well-being practitioner of many years, I have had the fortunate and privileged opportunity to offer courses and workshops to many corporate clients and I have recently put together a package for 2015 that employers and employees may wish to explore further.
I am putting some links here to recent articles that I think you will enjoy, and also in my February 2015 recommended reading list I have included Sharon Salzburg’s excellent new book“Real Happiness at work”

Check out these articles:

Mindfulness helps you become a better leader

A relaxed mind is a productive mind

5 scientifically proven ways to be happier at work

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I also offer:

  • The official 9-session MSC programme either in-house or off site over weekend or early evenings after work. The cost is £300 per employee (minimum 6 employees and maximum 12 per programme) for the whole programme which includes 8 2.5 hour experiential educational  sessions and 1 half – day retreat, all course materials and online and telephone support throughout the course.
  • The adapted 4 week introduction to Mindful self-compassion approaches to well-being. The cost for this is £150 per employee for 4 2.5 hour experiential educational  sessions
  • Mindfulness at work – an introduction to mindfulness and applying it at work.

All my teaching is based on the research and work of Professor Paul Gilbert, Professor Kristin Neff and Dr Christopher Germer- all of whom I have had the privilege to train under.



Corporate well-being for 2014

We spend a large amount of our lifetime at work and with other individuals, working towards common goals, solving problems, meeting deadlines, and increasing workloads in a world full of change and uncertainty. This can put a strain on any workforce and can impact heavily on the health and wellbeing of staff.

I have worked with many companies over the years running workshops and staff well-being programmes and so I am introducing my ‘corporate well-being management system’.

I am offering my services to bring into your company over fifteen years of experience and expertise in the field of corporate and individual well-being with a solution-focused, positive psychology approach to empowering and enhancing the skills and strengths of your staff teams.

There are different tailor-made packages on offer to meet the needs of individual companies. Therefore, I am offering my services on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, either ad-hoc on a consultancy basis or on a permanent basis as a well-being trainer and facilitator, also providing psychological support for all members of staff throughout the corporate year.

As a UKCP and CNHC registered therapist with an MSc in consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology I bring with me a highly qualified skill set to support your staff.

I offer:

  • one-to-one integrative psychotherapy sessions on-site or at my therapy rooms;
  • Group- based  education sessions on the benefits of maintaining a ‘whole-person approach’ to well-being- including weight management, alcohol issues, sleep issues, work-life balance, confidence, or any issues that currently impact on your work force that you would like me to address; lunchtime classes teaching deep relaxation techniques and mindful approaches to stress reduction.
  • ‘Natural awakening corporate away days in partnership with my colleague Summer Phillips we are bringing mindfulness, meditation  and yoga practices together to take your corporate away days and events to the next level- increasing a sense of well-being in the workplace.

My services incorporate aspects of Positive psychology, and a Compassion-focused approach based on the research of Professor Paul Gilbert and Kristin Neff.

If you feel that a ‘Corporate well-being management system’ can support your company as it grows successfully, and to maintain its success, then please get in touch in the first instance for an informal discussion either by email through the contact me page on my website; directly on 07753 957371 or in writing to 18a Green lane, Chinley, SK23 6AA.


 For corporate and community well being I offer:

  • Keynote speaking for Ladies Luncheon clubs, WI, and other groups- ‘The Art of Happiness’; Hypnosis- a brief introduction.
  • Well being one hour workshops/ experiential talks: Relax well; Sleeping well; Easy weight management. For further information and details about corporate and community workshops go to the “Events page”.
  • Relaxation Master Class, which includes positive thinking, self-empowerment mastery and focused visualisation for performance enhancement, confidence and goal attainment.
  • Weekly corporate and community relaxation classes-the ideal way for staff well being to be promoted and enhanced, increasing productivity and reducing sickness/absence levels- ‘in house’ for your employee convenience- 45 minute lunchtime or after work sessions.


The bite size one-hour workshops and master classes can be fitted in around:

  • Corporate conferences
  • Corporate away days
  • Any group event – providing an extra special bonus to the day.
  • Bridal showers –providing the opportunity to learn and develop relaxation strategies for the big day and beyond.
  • INSET days for teachers


The Relaxation Master Class gives delegates an opportunity for absorbing positively all they have learnt through the day. It also increases creativity and energy for further focus on achieving desired results. This very special empowering class brings clarity and a welcome, refreshing accompaniment for any group or corporate event.

Delegates will comfortably learn and experience the art of deep relaxation, a technique that can be put into daily practice after the days event to promote health and well being and increased productivity at work and at home.