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Pep talks

Published 11 December 2012

I find the most useful and helpful pep talks are those that are motivational, inspirational, and self- compassionate.

Life is stressful and full of suffering, yet it is also full of potential for positive change in each and every moment. So, rather than listening to our ‘inner critic’ – which, although it is trying to serve and protect you, it can be cruel and clumsy and often adds to our suffering -think about what the ‘inner critic is really trying to say- what it really wants for you. Start by changing some of those pressure words such as ‘must’, ‘have to’, ‘should’, when you are looking into the future to plan ahead.


The power of positive intention and shared compassion

Published 11 December 2012

This year we witnessed the power of positive intention and a huge outpouring of love from the crowd and the determined efforts of the medical team that attended to Bolton Wanders football player Fabrice Muamba who collapsed on the pitch during a match where “The football world was shocked when Muamba collapsed while playing at White Hart Lane on March 17.

He received lengthy attention on the pitch and it later emerged that his heart had stopped for 78 minutes.

Remarkably he made a stunning recovery and left hospital a month later.

But he admitted: “While the news is devastating, I have much to be thankful for.

“I thank God that I am alive and I pay tribute once again to the members of the medical team who never gave up on me.”


The power of love and intention

Published 7 December 2012

As the Mayan calendar finishes and we approach December 21 many people may be wondering what the future holds for us as we move into a brand new year and time in January 2013.