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April news 2018

Published 17 April 2018

Hello again and welcome to my April newsletter


March 2018 news and an Easter message

Published 6 March 2018

Hello again and welcome to my March newsletter


February 2018 Spring is in the air and I’m dedicating myself to your well-being!

Published 13 February 2018

Wishing you well and happy as February begins. This month is the month of valentines and a look forward to renewal and rebirth as the first signs and flowers of Spring begin to emerge. 


January 2018 newsletter

Published 17 January 2018

Setting our goals and intentions for 2018 as the year begins


December 2017 news and a warm winter wish!

Published 3 December 2017

A Christmas wish list and a New Year treat


October 2017 -New beginnings and new friends!

Published 23 October 2017

 Welcoming the Autumn with new courses, new venues and new beginnings-find out more in this October 2017 issue of my monthly newsletter.


February 2017 news.

Published 7 February 2017

Coming out of the dark and into the light with my pocket full of pebbles and a heart full of hope as this new year gathers momentum.


December 2016 -Saying goodbye and saying hello! new courses, new venues and a Christmas wish-find out more in this special December 2016 issue

Published 6 December 2016

Today I find myself in new surroundings and looking forward to sharing new venues and courses in 2017.
This December issue is filled with information regarding my new practice times, and the new courses for 2017



October 2016 -Big waves and Autumn leaves

Published 14 October 2016

Big waves and Autumn leaves-gratitude, self-compassion and a look ahead to the retreats and events you can enjoy this Autumn with me.

So, I’m here at this point in the year, reflecting  on all I have achieved, overcome, and learnt (aol) personally. I feel this is a time for me to be so grateful and to see the bigger picture, as I pick myself up and keep walking after this year’s big waves. I know many of you have endured a great deal of challenge this year and also enjoyed some ease and even joy. So, now it really is Autumn, the year is drawing gently to a close after what seems to have been a very exciting and unpredictable year in so many ways. But as I always say -it’s all good!


September -a time to reflect

September 2016- Time to celebrate! A big anniversary, embracing change and new beginnings – a look ahead to more mindful self -compassion offerings and training.

Published 11 September 2016

So here we are – arriving at the end of summer and the beginning of the Autumn season.
This is a time of reflection for me. This summer has seen many changes and the birth of many new projects and beginnings. Do have a look through my new website where I hope you will find the new look inviting and easy to navigate. It is also a time of celebration for me. I have arrived at my tenth anniversary in my Chinley practice and I have loved every moment of providing service to the high peak and surrounding areas.