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A Positive Approach to Your Wellbeing


Annette Boden MSc,BSc(Hons)Psychology,MBPsS,FNSHP, Adv.DipTHP(N-SHAP) UKCP registered.CNHC registered.

Trained Mindful Self-Compassion programme teacher.


Transpersonal psychologist, using positive psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypno-psychotherapy, counselling, compassion focused therapy. Offering:



Hello and welcome to my website!

Here you will find details of all my services. I offer many services, for individual, corporate, and community well-being.

Individual therapy with me includes a combination of therapeutic techniques incorporating the benficial and powerful healing and transformation of Hypnosis, psychotherapy, Compassion focused therapy, cognitive counselling, and Neuro linguistic programming. For positive improvements in emotional and physical well being, motivation, performance enhancement, and the confidential and effective treatment of many issues including: anxiety,stress management, low self esteem, confidence, OCD, phobias, insomnia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and much more.


"My therapy work has a particular focus on positive psychology- working with people's strengths and resources, and transpersonal psychology- working with the whole person spiritually, emotionally, psychologically. I also include mindfulness-based  and compassion-focused approaches to well-being.

The therapy I offer is brief, dynamic and solution focused. Every problem has a solution. Everyone has qualities and resources to enable a happy, healthy life, and to achieve positive change wherever that may be needed.



My workshops and courses include mindfulness, meditation, and compassion-focused practices, and deep relaxation techniques.


Mindful self-compassion 9 week programme  and Saturday mornings Mindful compassion for wellbeing 4 week adaptation next programmes starting Spring 2015




'Natural awakening' "for mind and body - combining yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and self-compassion”

"Where the Deer meets the Dove and Power and Passion join Love and Compassion" 

Spring retreat April 10-12 2015 and our 'Knowing ourselves more deeply'

March 21 2015 day retreat and workshop 

'The Psychologist' monthly publication of the BPS back copies from 2005-2014 for sale  scroll down my news page for details



“When individuals rise above their circumstances and use problems to push them to become more, they grasp greatness”

Nelson Mandela


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